Ambassadors Northwest is a group of community leaders that are dedicated to supporting economic and social improvement in the Thunder Bay region. We are a differentiated, non-partisan group of community leaders whose knowledge, experience, wisdom and influence are consistently sought out by business, community and political representatives to advance their community building ideas and initiatives.


On a project basis, we facilitate, coordinate and/or advocate to advance community building opportunities to make our community a preferred place to live, work and invest.



Ambassador's Northwest connects with businesses


One major focus of the group is to create connections with various stakeholders to develop a stronger voice in attaining mutual goals.

Ambassador's Northwest supports the community


Offering our support to groups that advise and give direction to further the development of Thunder Bay.

Ambassador's Northwest helps to influence change


The skill and positioning of the group and individual members can be critical in influencing decisions by corporations, government and public institutions.


Ambassadors members individually advance multiple of external business, community or public policy formation initiatives because of knowledge gained through ambassadors.

Planned, well researched, collectively agreed upon and resourced projects or positions are undertaken with the full commitment of the group speaking with one voice.

No less than 6 qualified projects per year are evaluated. No less than 1 group sanctioned project is active at any time during the year.